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CIBSE welcomes Fiona Cousins as their new President

CIBSE Appoints Fiona Cousins as New President, Focusing on Sustainability and Building Performance

London, UK – CIBSE (Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers) is pleased to announce the appointment of Fiona Cousins as its new President. Cousins, who currently holds senior roles at Arup, brings a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to promoting sustainability and enhancing building performance in the industry.

Cousins takes over the presidency from Adrian Catchpole, to whom she extends her sincere gratitude for his significant contributions during his tenure. Catchpole’s efforts, particularly in promoting STEM Ambassadors in schools and the certified practice initiatives, will remain a top priority for CIBSE under Cousins’ leadership.

“I am thrilled to take on the role of CIBSE President,” said Cousins. “These are challenging and complex times, and CIBSE has a crucial role to play in addressing the major issues of our time: climate change, social inequality, and declining biodiversity. Building services engineers, in their various specialties such as lighting, vertical transportation, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, façade, and digital systems, have a broad impact that allows us to work towards tackling all of these challenges.”

At Arup, Cousins serves as the Americas Region Chair and has led numerous award-winning projects. She is widely recognized as a leading figure in the commercial real estate industry. As CIBSE President, Cousins aims to build on the traditional view of building performance and place a greater emphasis on occupant wellbeing, air quality, acoustic performance, and resilience to climate change.

“Building services engineers have long focused on energy use and its impact on climate change. It’s now time to broaden our perspective and prioritize other important factors. We spend most of our lives indoors, and buildings have the potential to enhance our wellbeing through elements such as air quality, acoustic design, and biophilic environments,” she emphasizes.

Cousins’ leadership at Arup’s Americas Region, which encompasses over 2,000 members across 16 offices, reflects her dedication to creating a sustainable and inclusive built environment. Her contributions to critical climate legislation and her advisory roles, including her appointment to the New York City Advisory Board for Local Law 97, further demonstrate her commitment to sustainability.

As the new President of CIBSE, Cousins aims to draw on her extensive experience to drive the institution’s mission forward. She is determined to ensure that building services engineers continue to lead the way in creating a sustainable and resilient built environment.

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