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New year, new hair

WE’RE all just dying for a makeover, considering all that has passed and the chance to start anew. Just in time for the new year, a new project by L’Oreal makes it easier for both customers and hairdressers to connect.

The L’Oreal Salon Shop was launched last month through an online press conference. “It’s really an all-in-one platform,” said Cary Co-Choa, General Manager for L’Oreal Philippines Luxe and Professional Products Division. Through the platform (lorealsalonshop.com.ph; currently down), customers can have remote consultations with hairdressers from partner salons, shop for products, and book hair appointments. “With the launch of this platform, this business can leverage on the digital infrastructure that L’Oreal has built and will maintain to create meaningful interactions between their hairstylists and customers.”

As of the time of writing, two partner salons are on the platform: Azta Urban Salon and Emphasis. “In 2022, we will be expanding to more partner salons, and consequently, more geographies within the Philippines,” said Lota Jamer, Commercial and Transformation Director, Professional Products Division for L’Oreal Philippines.

The ongoing pandemic is one of the reasons behind the creation of the website. Since salons were only intermittently open during the pandemic, a lot of schedules and workers have been displaced. “This commitment by L’Oreal is to help hairdressers and salons in the Philippines future-proof their businesses. Even if we have another lockdown —  hopefully not —  but if we do, by next year, they can still bring their products and services to their customers through this platform.”

Being a partner salon will have its benefits: Ms. Jamer said that hairdressers would undergo “digital upskilling,” with regards customer relations and performing hair diagnoses, among others. As for the customers, they will be guaranteed socially distanced timeslots when they book through the website — but will also save time by knowing what happens during the procedure (plus a haircut, maybe), as well as the estimated time it takes to finish.

Meanwhile, Mel Velhagen, Managing Director of Azta Urban Salon, expressed that the biggest hair concerns of their clients ending the year was exposure to DIY treatments (lockdowns will do that), which they then go to get fixed in the salon. My Cantos, Marketing Head at Emphasis Salon, said, “The biggest problem that they’re facing right now because of the pandemic is hair loss.” —  Joseph L. Garcia

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