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Sportingtech’s Appointment of Victoria Bonner

Sportingtech is a Malta-based company focused on software solutions for online games. It’s been in the gaming market since 2009, continuously investing in the expansion and improvement of its services.

It’s signing crucial partnerships with gaming providers worldwide, expanding its catalogue. The company is expanding now to the Portuguese and Latin American markets.

The company has recently added a valuable asset to its human resources. Victoria Bonner has just been confirmed as the new Chief Marketing Officer of the company.

The Star

Victoria Bonner is a huge reinforcement for the company. Previously, she had worked with giants of the gaming sector. She worked with Relax Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and NetEnt, to name a few. Before changing niches, she was already a PR expert and head of communications in the tech and financial industry.

Ivo Doroteia, Sportingtech’s CEO, is very excited about the signing. He stressed that hiring Victoria Bonner demonstrates “internal commitment excellence and external expansion.” Excitement goes both ways, and Victoria Bonner is also confident that Sportingtech is ready to become a leader in its field.

Expansion Plans

Last year, the company released its Quantum Platform. It’s an “omnichannel” for Sportingtech’s solutions for online casinos and sportsbooks. The platform was revamped and rebranded, aiming to attend to the needs of all kinds of operators. New markets include Latin American countries, where it can provide third-party integration.

According to the company’s CEO, the initiative is part “concerted push into regulated markets across the globe.” The new platform provides 65 sports for betting, and over 9,000 games from countless studios worldwide. There’s also a lighter version of this platform, called Quick Quantum, which provides the main options of the flagship platform.

Other Reinforcements

Sportingtech is having a very promising start of the year, signing strategic partnerships. It has also signed with one of the biggest slots suppliers in the market: Endorphina. The partnership will give it a foothold on the Eastern European market. Additionally, the company will get to offer some of the best RTP slots, like Joker Stoker, Solar Eclipse, and Hell Hot franchises.

Spreading the Word

After so much investment in technology and partnerships with top game studios, it only made sense for Sportingtech to hire a valued expert for CMO. Bonner comes from a successful career in the tech sector, where she also worked with some leading brands. She joined the industry that keeps millions of people entertained worldwide in 2013.

In a recent interview for the Gambling Insider, Victoria Bonner shares her experiences with leading brands of the gambling world. She spoke most noticeably about her experience with Relax Gaming. There, she was responsible for creating and developing the company’s marketing strategy. She stressed the importance of working with engaged and talented professionals. More importantly, she believes she can replicate this condition at Sportingtech.

Looking Forward

The contract has just been signed, but Victoria Bonner already has plans for the near future. According to her, the primary focus will be to scale up the company’s marketing activities, with emphasis on events, as they’re now returning. She worked as Events Manager at NetEnt for over a year, and during this period, she showed the strategic importance of taking part in relevant events for the industry.


Victoria Bonner has a solid reputation in marketing. She’s also known for creating an enjoyable working environment around her. In the same interview for the Gambling Insider, she seems proud of the results achieved at Relax Gaming, both internally and externally. Indeed, she has every reason to be so. She’s also excited about bringing the same quality level to Sportingtech.

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