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Why Bernie leaves Millionaires alone to attack Billionaires (HINT) Bernie’s a MILLIONAIRE


Liberal Logic

A liberal political icon, BERNIE SANDERS….

Bernie’s net worth is North of 2 million.  Yet, what does Bernie preach?  How did he create this net worth by “just” being a politician?  A “Democratic Socialist”

How does “his message” meet his actions? ….Simple answer, it doesn’t.

No wonder he’s smiling –


Bernie has been using the US political system his entire career to create his wealth.  Very typical actions of leaders in other countries who have destroyed their citizens with economic famine.  

In depth Bernie Here

The Trump Train

Yet another example of a former Trump critic who’s become a Trump loyalist after experiencing the success of Trump’s approach and “get it done” mentality.

President Donald Trump’s new acting director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell is the latest high profile figure to follow this path.  

In 2016, before the New York real estate mogul became the GOP presidential nominee, Grenell called Trump “dangerous” and spoke out regularly in favor of then-Ohio Gov. John Kasich

But not anymore, Grenell’s all Trump now.


Below are other examples of high profile converts to the winning Trump way.

Read their following statements and where their thinking & opinions evolved. 

Some of the president’s fiercest critics during the 2016 race have since transformed into his most passionate defenders, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who warned that Trump would be an “authoritarian president”; GOP Senator Lindsey Graham, who denounced Trump as “a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot” who would destroy the Republican Party; and acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, who called Trump a “terrible human being” right before the 2016 election.

Yet another testament how powerfully Trump is transforming Washington into something that it hasn’t done in a LONG TIME – the answer?  >>. Actually helping people like you and me.

More on critics to allies Here

Latest Market News

As stated here before – the markets are going to be all over the place until this growing virus issue is stopped.

Global stock markets slipped on Friday after a spike in new virus cases in South Korea and other countries.

Benchmarks in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Sydney closed down and London, Frankfurt and other European indexes were trading lower.

Bonds and gold have seen a fast rise as traders look for safe havens.


I’ll write on this later but have you heard of the possible connection between the outbreak and a viral research laboratory in China?  Damn scary!

Crazy, Cool or weird?

Now this is a cool tech idea!

Double your screen size with your case?  Kinda like that second monitor at your desk – see more and do more efficiently.


The castAway case allows you to open multiple apps at once, copy/paste, and access files and photos from dual screens on your smartphone.

You can read more Here

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