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Zycus Leaves a Lasting Impression: Unveiling the Success Trifecta in the Philippines

In a strategic move to bolster its presence in the Philippines, Zycus has embarked on a triumphant journey, marking significant milestones with the launch of CPONext, a notable victory at a leading Philippine banking institution, and a standout keynote session at PASIA World. This strategic trifecta not only emphasizes Zycus’ commitment to the region but also its leadership in the procurement domain.

CPONext Launch: Celebrating Procurement Excellence

Zycus took a significant step by launching CPONext, identifying the top 40 procurement leaders of tomorrow across the APAC region. This initiative unveiled at the prestigious PASIA World event, honors the achievements of leaders such as Hosanna Joy Castillo Abesamis from Jollibee Foods Corporation, Matthew S. Quimba from Meralco, and Rhoda (Dalmacio) Cruz from Aboitiz Power Coal Business Unit, alongside regional leaders like Mac Chew from FGV Holdings Berhad.

Recognizing these leaders not only highlights individual excellence but also fosters a collaborative environment that propels the procurement industry forward,” stated Amit Shah, Chief Marketing Officer of Zycus, underscoring the initiative’s significance in promoting excellence and collaboration within the procurement community.

Zycus team with Matthew S. Quimba, Head of Procurement, at PASIA World

Digital Transformation Trends: Leading the Conversation at PASIA World

Zycus seized the spotlight at PASIA World with a compelling keynote on digital transformation trends in procurement, delivered by Carl Kimball, Regional Vice President, Zycus. Kimball shared, “In the past year, we’ve observed a 60% increase in digital procurement initiatives among our clients, reflecting a significant shift towards innovation and efficiency.” The sessions featured insights from industry experts like Sheila Lobien of Lobien Realty Group and Michelle Alarcon of the Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Association of the Philippines, discussing the pivotal role of AI and analytics in modern procurement practices.

Carl Kimball, Regional VP — Zycus, sharing his thoughts on digital procurement trends

Strategic Win: Cementing Zycus’ Leadership in Procurement

The culmination of Zycus’ efforts was a strategic win at a premier banking institution in the Philippines, showcasing its deep understanding of procurement challenges and its capacity to deliver tailored solutions. “This partnership is a testament to our expertise and our commitment to driving value for our clients,” remarked Kimball, highlighting the impact of this achievement while increasing Zycus’ footprint in the Southeastern Asia procurement landscape.

A Unified Commitment to Excellence

The synergy of CPONext recognition, insightful discussions at PASIA World, and the strategic partnership with a leading bank illustrate Zycus’ unwavering dedication to advancing the procurement sector in the Philippines. By celebrating leadership, fostering innovation, and delivering impactful solutions, Zycus stands as a catalyst for positive change in the procurement community.

As we continue to lead the way in procurement excellence, we invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Discover firsthand the power of Zycus solutions by requesting a demo.

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